Development activity and construction of buildings for other than residential premises

  • Planning and Design: The firm works with architects and engineers to plan and design non-residential buildings such as commercial buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings and others.
  • Construction work: This includes the construction of the building itself, including foundation work, brickwork, electrical and engineering system installations, roofing work and more.
  • Project Supervision: The firm can offer project supervision and project management to ensure that construction proceeds according to plan and specifications.
  • Obtaining permits: Obtaining the necessary building permits and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Budgeting and financial management: Managing the project budget, tracking costs and payments to suppliers.
  • Quality control: Ensuring that work is carried out with the highest quality and compliance with normative standards and regulations.
  • Deadline Management: Managing the project’s timeframe and meeting deadlines.
  • Safety at the workplace: Ensuring the safety of workers and compliance with safety regulations at the workplace.
  • Documentation and project management: Keeping important documents and managing information about the progress of the project.
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